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Welcome to #HATMOB 1st Edition - Dress to Impress!

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So we’ve all got that hat or headpiece we LOVE, it’s beautiful, really fancy like, but we’ve just got no place to wear it. Or at least no place we feel comfortable wearing it without be stared at or have people make comments. Maybe if we’re that way inclined we’d go to the races and give it an outing, but otherwise it just sits in the wardrobe, not unloved (it is very much loved), but unworn and not reaching the audience it truly deserves….

This is where #HATMOB is here to help…

So what is #HATMOB you ask?

Well #HATMOB is like a flash mob, but less flashy and more hatty!

Every so often a group of headwear lovers will assemble in a random location, dressed in their best hats and headwear and just hang out. Everyone enjoying the moment and celebrating how awesome they all look. No uncomfortable stares, just admiration and possibly even a little hat envy going on too! We’ll try and mix up #H A T M O B a bit to cater for all the different kinds of hat lovers; sometimes it’ll be nighttime, sometimes daytime. Sometimes it might involve a rave, sometimes a picnic. Sometimes it will be themed, sometimes not. But always it will involve hats and fun!

So who can go to #HATMOB?

Anyone can go to #HATMOB, just gather up a group of your friends and come on down. Ideally you’ll all be wearing headwear, but we understand you might need to drag a few non headonistic types (no fear, they’ll soon be converted!) with you to enjoy the occasion, but why not come alone and find some like minded Headonists?! We’re a friendly bunch :)

So where is #HATMOB?

The first #HATMOB has an evening theme, and it’s about dressing in your best hat or headpiece and feeling special. We’ve chosen the beautiful venue of Nieuw Amsterdam in the city, they do amazing cocktails and food, and it’s a great place to hang out.

And yes, we’re organising #HATMOB in Melbourne, Australia, but that doesn’t mean you can’t organise your own #HATMOB wherever you live in the world – just invite your friends, # your pictures and join the party!

#HATMOB 1st Edition : Sat 13th June

Downstairs, Nieuw Amsterdam, from 6.30pm

106 – 112 Hardware St, Melbourne

# H E A D O N I S T S


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