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Vintage "Hat Magic" at the Love Vintage Fair

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"Hat Magic" = That perfect moment when a hat and a head find each other, and together become so much more than the sum of their individual parts.

Our fabulous Headonist assistant, Netti-V, coined this phrase when a customer walked into our salon at Love Vintage Melbourne, picked up a little cream number hiding in the corner, put it on and KABOOM, perfection! Soulmates were found and "Hat Magic" was born! 

After that, moments of "Hat Magic" came thick and fast as headonistic soulmates found each other, and headwear joy brought smiles to faces. Especially ours!

We met so many amazing people, had bundles of fun in the process, and also confirmed our belief that there really is a hat for everyone. Many freshly minted hat heads left our salon with that new inner-confidence only good headwear can bring.  

We are really looking forward to the next time we meet all our new headonistic friends, but in the meantime, here are some highlights from our time at the Love Vintage Fair in Melbourne last month. 

xx TEH xx

Our team of "Headonists" from L-R: Lady J in her Mr Individual turban, Miss Rosie in a Stephen Jones mini-topper, Netti "Hat Magic" V in a fab 1950s black & gold number, and the lovely Jyoti in her gorgeous 1930s piece by M&E Shoppe of Chicago. And of course not forgetting Emma who was having such a good time selling hats we forgot to get a picture


If there was one hat which stole the show, it had to be this crazy-beautiful piece by Raymond Hudd of Chicago, it looked fantastic on everyone who tried it, but we are pleased to say that post show it has found it's rightful home with the fabulous Dee (centre)!! Oh, and I forgot to mention in the midst of all the magical hat moments, we won a prize for the "Best Large Stand", that's me (AA) at the end receiving it. 

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