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Truffaux Panama Hats at The Eternal Headonist

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We've been hunting high and low for Australian-based headwear brands that are creating highly fashionable and super high quality summer hats for the warmer months, and we're really glad to be bringing you the beautiful Panama hats of Truffaux

Out of anyone we've come across in the world of hats the team at Truffaux are surely living the hat dream... 

Truffaux was founded by Oska and Imogen Truffaux who hail from the hills of Sherbrooke in Victoria, and it was through their extensive travels through South America that they fell in love with the Panama hats of Ecuador and conjured-up a dream to redesign them for the modern lifestyle. Fast forward a few years and that dream is being truly lived - they have permanent stores in Waikiki Beach in Hawaii (!) and St Tropez in France (!!), as well as seasonal stores in Melbourne & Sydney, and all this is coupled with product hunting trips around the world. Sounds like an idyllic lifestyle of endless Summers to us! 

But you too can tap into that a tiny piece of that lifestyle by owning Truffaux hat. In fact everyone needs a Truffaux hat in their wardrobe. The quality is just stunning, the straw is beautiful, the designs are stylish and they are super hard wearing - we've had Truffaux's that have lasted us years. And because of that great quality, you can just as easily dress them up for an evening out, or dress them down for relaxed day by the beach. 

All Truffaux hats are made in Ecuador from genuine Panama straws, so if you want your own little taste of Ecuador we suggest grabbing a Truffaux hat today! 


(L-R/T-B) The Herringbone                             The Casablanca Rose                                   The Kerouac                            The Cuban

(All pictures by The Eternal Headonist)

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