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The Eternal Headonist Spring Racing Launch - Pure Headonism!

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Well it's been a long time in the making, but finally we made it happen - we launched The Eternal Headonist, and the collection of marvellous millinery we have for SS14/15 into the world, and oh was it fun! 

The Spring ranges of Rebecca ShareLisa TanAmanda DudleyKim WiebengaAngela MenzReny KestelLove LotusStudio ANISSNatalie BikickiSerena Lindeman and Richard Nylon were displayed for all to enjoy, and enjoy it we did!  

The Eternal Headonist was started out of a love for contemporary millinery, and a love of having fun. Hats are the most frivolous, individual and exciting accessory there is (or so we think!), and hence the the combination of hats and fun is really unavoidable. We have also seen first hand, many many times, at how a display of beautiful hats can make ordinarily calm, well adjusted women go a bit giddy and weak at the knees. Excellent hats just have that effect on people!

But one of the most common excuses we hear for hesitation about hats, is not that the hat is not wanted (it usually very much is), but is the "where will I wear it?" question. We hear you, we understand you, it's not like everyone goes to work each day in huge top hats or bonnets (but just imagine the joy in a modern office full of hats and feathers!), you would possibly get looked at strangely if you did. But we'll tell you what, you will definitely hear the words "Nice Hat". We absolutely guarantee it, it always happens when you wear a good hat. Always. And there is no better way to give you day a lift than with a compliment. Therefore we say wear a hat, it'll make you smile!  

We were very lucky to have the wonderful Richard Nylon opening our event with a really on point speech. He knows where it's at with a hat too, and here's what he had to say -

“Hats will change the way you think about yourself, they will change the way other people see you. You need courage to wear a hat nowadays because hats are a commitment. People will look at you – they’ve got eyes – and when they look at you with a hat on they’ll think “how fabulous!”

"I can tell you that a man in a hat is a woman magnet. They are wonderful things that attract attention from the ladies. And if you don’t want attention from the ladies: you can sell hats to the ladies!"

We'd like to add though, this hat attraction thing, it goes both ways. Men love women in hats, we've seen it happen time and time again - there's something flirtatious, mysterious, fun, and sexy about a woman in a hat. She just radiates inner confidence and fun, and men like that. So ladies, this applies to you too. Hats are people magnets. Period! 

When we set out on building the concept of The Eternal Headonist, we had a few missions; 

i) to provide customers with accessible, cutting-edge contemporary millinery, 

ii) to provide talented contemporary milliners with another platform to sell and promote their work, and 

iii) (and this is important!) To create occasions for people to enjoy hats. Occasions where they don't feel self-conscious wearing hats, where they feel absolutely red hot, and where everyone around them is radiating joy in their fabulous headwear!

We'd like to think that in our launch we achieved that... but we want to do more of it! More hats, more milliners and we definitely want to create more occasions for you to have fun in hats. So watch this space, we're on to it! 

So see below some images from our launch, there were so many excellent shots from the night, we've had to limit it to a few favourites, but we hope you enjoy them. 


P.S. Thanks to Anna Pappas Gallery, Helados Juaja, DJ Return, Pybus PR, and all the Helpful Headonists on the night. Photos by Robert Anthony

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