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Stephanie Spencer Millinery at The Eternal Headonist

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Today is a lovely day in our beautiful city of Melbourne, the sun is shining and the leaves outside are window are starting to turn autumnal shades of red. It is also a beautiful day on our website, for it has been graced by the exquisite millinery of Stephanie Spencer Millinery which has worked it's magic on our hearts and heads, and is ready to melt yours too! 

Her A/W collection entitled "Night Watch" is dark and ethereal, like a beautiful yet edgy fairytale waiting to en-trance your head all Sleeping Beauty-like, with its twisted black roses and sweeping lines. 

The workmanship and attention to detail in each piece is remarkable, the lady is a real artist with each petal, leaf and thorn all meticulously crafted until it is almost life like. The hand-tooled lacquered leather roses and orchids weave around each hat as if they'd grown there, they are really quite incredible, and her millinery explores the space between hard and soft, light and dark, structured and fluid.

Coming from a Fashion and Textiles background Stephanie became interested in hatmaking after inheriting her great-grandmothers hatblocks, who also worked as a milliner. Within her work, millinery and dressmaking techniques merge to create intricate yet refined pieces with distinction and absolute ease-of-wear.    

So we welcome Stephanie Spencer Millinery to The Eternal Headonist and defy you not to become enchanted by her magic <3


L to R  Leather Rose Headband        Handwoven Straw Cocktail Hat         Black Sinamay Boater        Black Leather Pillbox

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