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Spring Racing Fashion Trends 2014 - Millinery, Hats and Fascinators

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We can hardly believe how quickly time flies, but Spring Racing is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about hats, and dresses, and shoes, and everything else that makes a Spring Racing outfit rock! But most of all we know it's the millinery that really sets one racing outfit apart from the rest and this is where we're here to help, with our predictions of what you need to flaunting headwear-wise this racing season. 

The good news is that there are some really excellent milliners out there, pushing the boundaries in millinery techniques and styles and moving millinery away from the tired feather, flower and crinoline fascinator combos that have been infiltrating racetracks around the World for the last decade. For our designer Spring Racing millinery range we have hand-picked a selection of these milliners who we believe are saying something exciting and different with their work. Those milliners who are using materials and technique in a progressive and masterful way, who are interpreting racing fashion trends in their own, original styles and bringing a contemporary edge to millinery... Change is afoot and for that we are most excited, the fascinator is dead, long live the headpiece!

 So here's our rundown on the 10 millinery trends you need to know about this Spring Racing season;

1. Sculptural Millinery - There's no whimsy this Spring, shapes are strong, confident and bold, with materials moulded and folded into shapes that are elegant and graceful. Serena LindemanAmanda Dudley and Lisa Tan's SS2014/15 collections are full of pieces that demonstrate this sculptural millinery trend expertly. 

L-R/T-B Serena Lindeman - Kool-Aid, Lisa Tan - ShelleyAmanda Dudley - HathorRebecca Share - Zipline

2. Full frontal - We don't know how else to call this, but the trend is for headpieces to sit upright and full-frontal on the forehead with the hat sitting gloriously on the centre of your head. A trend (one of many!) that UK milliner to the stars Philip Treacy really kicked off at the Royal Wedding in 2012, with the piece worn by trend-setter Victoria Beckham and that hat worn by Princess Beatrice. People may have mocked at the time, but as usual Philip Treacy was way ahead of the game in millinery fashion, and the trend is everywhere on the race courses of Australia. Angela MenzRebecca ShareKim WiebengaAmanda Dudley and Love Lotus have some great pieces demonstrating the full-frontal trend this season.  

L-R/T-B - Kim Wiebenga #22Rebecca Share - Show PonyAngela Menz - Bright PinkAmanda Dudley - Nepthys

3. Crowns - For the past couple of years flower crowns have been everywhere, and they are such a pretty way to complement any outfit, but you know what? We think everyone is ready for a new take on the flower crown, we say make it abstract, punk up the materials, use plastics, feathers and leathers, and some graphic and geometric shapes to the list. We love crowns, but lets add a new twist! Check out Reny Kestel's fabulous feather crowns and the A-MAZING copper flower crown by Love Lotus Millinery for something a bit different.    

L-R/T-B  Love Lotus - CopperReny Kestel - Pewter & RomanceReny Kestel - Raven HaloAngela Menz - Multi-Pom

4. Flowers - Flowers, like everything else this season trackside, are big, bold and abstract. If you are going with flowers, make a statement, like a Richard Nylon flower statement! Take his stunning Elodie rose that fronted the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2014 campaign. That's how to do a statement flower, but there are many other ways to abstract a flower, see some more fabulous examples below from Natalie Bikicki, Kim Wiebenga and Love Lotus... 

L-R/T-B Natalie Bikicki - B/W Origami FlowerKim Wiebenga - #66Richard Nylon - Black & Gold Feather FlowerLove Lotus - Pink Diamond

Richard Nylon's Elodie Rose for MSFW 2014 - A statement flower!! 

5. Leather Milliners are going wild for leather at the moment and who can blame them?! Whether that be blocked leather bases, leather flowers or leather trims. There are some exquisite examples and so many colours and textures available - so if you want to dip your head into the world of leather millinery and this versatile material, our tips would be pieces by Love Lotus, Rebecca Share, Lisa Tan, Reny Kestel, Amanda Dudley and Angela Menz, and Kim Wiebenga, oh yes and of course ANISS! As we said, everyone's doing leather!! 

L-R/ T-B Reny Kestel - Signature StackLove Lotus - OnyxLisa Tan - ShelleyRebecca Share - Treasure Hunt  

6. Laser Cutting - There is one Australian milliner who is really leading the way in this field and that is Studio ANISS, whose excellent laser-cut work on a mind-blowing wooden headpiece last year, earned her an exceptionally well-deserved win of the 2013 Millinery Award at Crown Oaks Day. She's also been doing some pretty special work laser cutting leather, so look out for that this season. Geometric laser cut shapes also match fabulously with the graphic digital prints we've seen on the catwalks, and Rebecca Share has also added some futuristic laser-cut perspex in her collection. 

L-R/ T-B - ANISS - The DapplerANISS - Lily BudRebecca Share - Honey JoyRebecca Share - On Fire

7. Pastels - It was hard to ignore the dominance of beautiful pastel shades on the catwalks of the SS14/15 collections, but these pastels weren't always girly, there was a bit of edge to them, whether they were in fun textures such as PVC or faux fur, or teamed with strong colours such as black or reds. They were pastels, but with a twist and if you want to add this to your headwear, look no further than our selection below.  

L-R/ T-B - Lisa Tan - DylanNatalie Bikicki - Origami WingsAngela Menz - Pink Heart, Serena Lindeman - Seaside Tweed 

8. Boaters - Although there are more headpieces than hats gracing the SS14/15 millinery collections, if there is one hat style that you need to wear, it's a boater! Such an easy to wear hat style, and there are some great modern interpretations of the style at the moment - check out Natalie Bikicki and Love Lotus for quirky remakes of this classic. 

L-R/ T-B  Love Lotus - OroNatalie Bikicki - Pink BoaterLove Lotus - Jet

9. Bows - Ahhhh bows, what's not to love???? So cute, fun, but also chic and sassy, you can't go wrong with a confident bow on your head, we love 'em, everyone loves 'em, bows on hats, bows on headbands, bows everywhere, and bows were BIG on the SS15 catwalks! Check out these quirky takes on the classic from Love Lotus, Richard Nylon, Angela Menz & Serena Lindeman.  

L-R/ T-B  Love Lotus - PearlRichard Nylon - Black/Gold Feather Bow, Angela Menz - Black Straw BowSerena Lindeman - Nature Baby    

10. Metallics- We are little magpies at Team Headonist and have been loving the metallics we've seen gracing the catwalks and fashion editorials for Spring 14/15. Adding a splash of metal in your headwear is the perfect way to jump on this trend, whether it's the full piece or just a subtle nod, and there is no better milliner to do this for you than Love Lotus and those flowers, which is a very literal interpretation of the trend!  

L-R/T-B - Love Lotus - CopperReny Kestel- QuicksilverRichard Nylon - Silver HeadbandLove Lotus - AmethystLove Lotus - Amethyst

So here ends our Top 10 Spring Racing headwear trends for 2014. There's a few more we ran out of room for (pom poms, cat/bunny ears, visors and jockey caps), but hopefully we've given you a bit to think about. It goes without saying that black and white and brights will be in, and of course the biggest fashion statement is a colourful smile on your dial, so just make sure you feel comfortable and confident in what you're wearing and you'll always be on trend! 

Here's  to seeing you looking awesome trackside :)


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