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Sex On Toast - Oh Loretta x Hats from The Eternal Headonist

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We love  Sex on Toast


They are one of our favourite Melbourne bands of the moment, we've seen them live countless times now, and every time they have been an unstoppable mix of delicious harmonies, crazy synths, energetic humour and 80s LA vibes. Think Prince X Hall & Oates X Lionel Ritchie X Jodeci with the energy of  the Jackson 5. 

There's a theme in Australia at the moment,for 80s/90s parody bands, but all backed with hardcore musicianship and songwriting skills. Client Liason, Zanzibar Chanel, Don Giovanni and Donny Benet etc. AND Sex on Toast who fall firmly in with this magnificent line-up, except arguably they raise the bar with the musicianship. These guys may joke around, but music-wise, they are seriously the real deal. 

As their  bandcamp page says, they are a nine man explosion of 1980's pop music, yacht-rock, Rn'B, and synth-funk, and this is exactly what you get! 

Seeing as we love them so much, we were super happy to provide some vintage hats for their 70s themed laid back blue-eyed soul zinger "Oh Loretta".  The hats may take a back stage role, but the music is so good front and centre! 

Enjoy (and buy their single on  Bandcamp!)!

(Next time we'll get back to hats!) 

xx TEH xx

Styling by SV Styling

P.S no hats were harmed in the making of this video... 

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