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RHO Melbourne - PettiFleur's Hat at Jackie's Vintage Party (S02 E09)

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We love a good hat controversy, especially when it involves a statement hat that polarises opinion. Some people just can't handle the power of an awesome hat, some people don't have the confidence to pull one off, and some people just don't know a good hat if hit them in the face. 

If you're a Real Housewives of Melbourne fan, you'll remember the stir that Pettifleur caused when she turned up to Jackie's vintage themed garden party in a fab white 60s outfit complete with a Jackie-O styled beehive hat. Shock horror some of the other housewive's (not looking at you Gina), couldn't resist having a dig, which was particularly rich considering none of them seemed to have bothered taking on the vintage theme themselves!

Anyway, we think Pettifleur rocked the outfit, she's made a point this season of really standing out with great outfits in every episode and this is no exception. The hat she wore in this one (S02 E09) was borrowed from our store and it's a beautiful vintage Schiaparelli 60's piece, made from a soft pleated silk organza with silk flowers hanging down the back. We think it's an absolute winner, take a look how she pulls it off below! 


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