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Our guide to buying vintage hats for Winter

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You know Winter is truly here when your ears start feeling the chill when you step out in the morning, and you inevitably start yearning for that snug, comforting feeling only a good Winter hat can provide, and here's where vintage hats really come into their own. With so many classic styles and beautiful materials to choose from, it's time to get your head kitted out in some seriously glamorous cold weather headwear!

Felt is always a Winter favourite and one of the most traditional of millinery materials. As such there are a huge range of Winter vintage hats available in wool and sumptuous fur felts, both in plain finishes and the more luxurious velour and long hair or fur-like options. Felt is strong and versatile so even if you buy a vintage felt hat that is a perhaps a little misshapen (as years of both love or neglect can lead to), chances are you can reshape it with a little TLC and some steam. Just ask a milliner to help you if you are unsure where to start, as using steam on vintage hats can bring on a whole range of new problems.

Cream Fur-Felt Beret by Elsa Schiaparelli 

Perfect styles for Winter include cloche, so named after the bell shape they represent, and are fabulous for colder weather as they are sculpted to the shape of the head, and come down over the all important ear region. The cloche was invented by Parisian milliner extraordinaire Caroline Reboux in 1908 and popularised during the Art Deco period. Legend has it she invented the style whilst free-form shaping material over her clients heads. Cloches originally were brimless and cut close to the face, but during the 1920s the style evolved to include a more upturned brim and became adorned with ever more extravagant trims. Caroline Reboux incidentally is also credited as being the first milliner to add veiling to hats, which in itself is another millinery breakthrough - this pioneering lady is someone all hat fanatics should discover!

                                                                        Caroline Reboux Cloche c1920

                                               Pink fur-felt cloche with berry trim by Lazarus Modes of Paris

If you fancy more brim on your hat there are other plenty of other Winter hat styles to suit your fancy; how about a 70s floppy brim capeline, which Faye Dunaway and Brigitte Bardot wore with such style and grace back in the day? Or maybe a suave Sinatra-style fedora?

Vintage lambs wool cab with leather peak

Vintage Adolfo II Hat

If you want a shorter brim, perhaps just to add a little sun protection without being extravagant, a trilby or pork-pie hat could be more your style. Or if you want no brim at all, how about a pillbox hat? There’s so much to choose from in these Winter months!

For those really really cold days, perhaps when you’re climbing snow topped mountains or feeling inspired by arctic climes, you might be able to find a vintage fur hat that will keep your ears toasty warm, maybe in Russian Cossack style or a more ear-friendly trapper version. If real fur isn’t your thing though, there are plenty of vintage faux versions available that will keep your noggin warm too.

Italian lambs wool hat with leather peak

The only occasional downside to the beautiful felts and animal fibres found in vintage hats is that moths have might have found them before you have. Always check them before you buy and ask an online seller if there’s evidence of moth damage before you check out. For your buying comfort we will always disclose any visible moth damage to our hats in our product descriptions. Check out our guide to buying vintage hats, which will walk you through everything you need to know about buying vintage. 

We obviously love our hats at The Eternal Headonist and if you are looking for your own version of Winter warmth and style, check out our range of vintage hats here

Enjoy Winter in warmth with a vintage hat on your head!

xx The Eternal Headonist xx

Our beautiful model is singer and actress Rachel Juhasz, who as well as looking amazing in a hat, is an avid Judy Garland fan. 

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