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Love Lotus Millinery at The Eternal Headonist

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We are huge fans of Love Lotus Millinery, it was one of the first millinery brands we set our sights on when we started The Eternal Headonist, so we couldn't be happier than we are today in announcing the Spring collection by Love Lotus at The Eternal Headonist. 

There are many reasons we love Love Lotus; we love the bold and confident designs and the use of modern textures and materials in her work, she uses juxtapositions of texture in pieces in a way that is eloquent and on trend. Her designs are equally wearable by the racetrack or on a fashionable night out, she really has a 6th sense about what is stylish and lines that flatter. 

We love the workmanship and perfectionism that goes into each of her pieces, everything is hand cut and crafted with exquisite skill and finish, yet she makes it look so effortless. Whether it is the meticulous hand-tooling of individual metal petals on her signature copper floral headpiece, or the perfect hand-blocked shapes in her hats, or the pain staking weaving of raffia straw through hand-constructed wire shapes, it is all perfect. We also love the originality and uniqueness that is so distinctly Love Lotus, and different from other millinery brands. 

Lynnette Lim is the mastermind behind the Love Lotus brand, she is a graduate of fashion design and told us her work is vintage inspired with a contemporary edge - inspired by vintage fashion, fabrics and textiles, flowers and nature, colour and texture, and all those influences are clearly demonstrated in the work she's presented in her SS14 collection. 

She is also a milliner of high regard, having won the Fashions on the Field Millinery Award on Oaks Day in 2012, and we might add, as judged by one of the World's most famous milliners Phillip Treacy....!!!!  If Phillip Treacy judges your work to be the best, it really is the best! She's also been a finalist in 2011, runner-up in 2010 and a judge in 2013 in that competitive of competitions, so she's a serious millinery talent!  

So we love Love Lotus, and we hope you love Love Lotus too. There's a whole lotta love going on!  


Copper Flower Headpiece by Love Lotus Millinery 

  Onyx                                                 Oro                                                       Amethyst                                             Pearl

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