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Kim Wiebenga Millinery at The Eternal Headonist

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Kim Wiebenga is a woman on a mission; a mission to create 1001 hats and that is a mission we wholeheartedly support, especially when you make hats as well as this lady! Each hat she makes is unique and numbered to mark it's position on her journey towards this goal, we can't wait to see what lies ahead in this magnificent challenge. 

She may be a relatively new comer on the millinery block, but you'd never guess it, her workmanship is superb and her beautiful finishes often surpass many a more experienced milliner. She trained under the expert eye of Rebecca Share who is a master of technique, and it shows, but Kim also has her own creative flair as well as the finely honed millinery technique. She does interesting things with lines and shapes, she has a lovely way with subtle and understated colour palettes, but she can also do bold, and we really love the way she interprets the natural world in her work. Her beautiful leather bamboo leaves, and radiant feather flowers are prime examples. She also goes out of her way to find only the very best materials for her work, with many of her pieces made from beautifully fine vintage straws, of a quality you just can't find any more. She really challenges herself to make each piece the best it can possibly be. 

We are really excited to present Kim Wiebenga Millinery on The Eternal Headonist and we hope you fall in love with her artistry too. 


The Gold Straw Horse Shoe Hat #51 by Kim Wiebenga at The Eternal Headonist 

#44 - Black                                     #22 Magenta                                       #64 Bamboo                                       #66 Feather Flower

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