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Jean Paul Gaultier - JPG at the NGV: The Headwear

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We were lucky enough to get to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition just before it closed at Melbourne's NGV last week, and we say lucky because it was an absolute privilege to be able to witness first hand the creative genius of Jean Paul Gaultier and attention to detail that goes into each of his pieces. It's not often (in fact incredibly rare unless that is you happen to have the healthy bank balance required to buy it) to witness Haute Couture in the flesh, marvel at the luscious fabrics and quite exquisite workmanship, and see just how those price tags are justified.

From the moment we entered the exhibition we were mesmerised, the mannequins with their slightly freaky ability to wink and talk to you unnerved and entranced, and the clothes, well the clothes just took you to another place of fantasy. Every piece on display was a pure work of art, and the creativity of Gaultier to manifest art from fashion is possibly second to none. Vivienne Westwood might be another we put in that category, but maybe that association is in part due to the shared punk aesthetic in their work. JPG clearly was influenced by both the fashion and attitude of the British punk movement in the 70s; the mohawks, the leather, the studs and the absolute fearlessness in taking on the establishment.

One of the stand out aspects for us (naturally!) from the exhibition was the headwear - hats, headpieces and wiggery, all of it was quite spectacular, not that we'd expect anything less from Mr Gaultier, but it really added the X-Factor to the show. It's fair to say that the gravity defying mohawks were probably the most instagrammed pieces of the exhibit!  

But there was also something more than the just the creativity in the clothes, it was the attention to detail and creativity of the exhibition itself. It was so expertly curated and designed, you didn't just look at the world of Jean Paul Gaultier, you walked right into the experience of it. Hats-off to the team at the NGV for such a wonderful show and here's to many more like it! 


(To see all our JPG photos check out our Facebook album here )

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