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Headwear Trends Autumn Winter 2014 Part 1 - The BIG!

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It is fair to say there were hats aplenty bounding down the World's catwalks over the last few weeks and we've been watching with eagle eyes and cataloguing all the headwear trends, so you can be the first to know what you should be dressing your heads with when those cold Winter months roll in. 


Hats were brilliantly represented in all the major fashion weeks, with New York and Paris being particularly prolific in the headwear department, and such a variety of styles on display; from berets to beanies, fedoras to cowboy hats, hoods to headpieces, the surreal to the classic, the key message everywhere was that hats are IN! 

But if there was one trend that could be seen across all of the fashion weeks, it was make it big, really BIG! We definitely have a certain Pharrell Williams and his now extra-famous Vivienne Westwood Mountain Hat to thank for that, but oversized hats were everywhere, and lets be specific about what needs to be big, its all about the crown. Whether they be extra tall or extra-wide or both, just make sure they are making a statement with size! It's a trend we haven't seen a lot of before, and strictly speaking its taken Vivienne a while to get this one off the ground too, until that is Mr Williams got involved! Pharrell's hat was actually made as part of her Autumn/Winter 82/83 collection "Nostalgia of Mud" made for the store she first notoriously opened in 1980 with Malcolm McLaren under the name 'Sex" but now more sedately (although more ominously) known as "Worlds End" and this is where Pharrell picked up his version a few years ago. 

Back to this big trend though. Vivienne Westwood revisited this in both her showing in Paris and her Vivienne Westwood - Red show in London, Gareth Pugh carried it off exquisitly with his Noel Stewart designed pieces, DSquared2 continued the oversized theme which they started in their Spring 14 collection, and it was also on show at Acne, Armani, Lanvin, Rick Owens and Daks. It's here people, start oversizing! 


Tall Hats AW 2014


But big wasn't just confined to hats, if you're going to wear hoods this Winter, you can't scrimp on the size either - a small hood just won't cut it! 

Fur hoods were everywhere, particularly useful for those in really cold climes although maybe not so Down Under, but they do look pretty damn cozy, we're hoping there'll be some faux versions alternatives available too. Check out Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Alexander McQueen, Badgley, Mischka and Preen for your  fur fix. 

If fur isn't your thing though, a variety of other hood styles were seen on the catwalk, from the surreal, to the comfortable to the maybe a little impractical... and generally all BIG, at Rocha, Gareth Pugh, Dolce & Gabanna, Comme Des Garcons, KTZ and Robin Kyraz all had them aplenty. Dolce & Gabbana's mythical medieval fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood theme had hoods of all types, not just those that were little and red. An inspiringly excellent collection. 

So thus ends our big edition, you get the picture; headwear for Autumn Winter 2014 ain't gonna be no small thing and that's great news for headonists everywhere! 

We'll be back with some of the more subtle trends in Part 2, but if you want to look through all the hat trends on the catwalks in the meantime, check out our Pinterest Boards where we've got all the headwear from the major fashion weeks. 

xx TEH xx

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