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Hats for Racing at Royal Ascot 2014

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On the other side of the World we always eagerly await the millinery displays on show at Royal Ascot, to see what the European milliners can create and also what might be round the corner in terms of millinery fashion and racing headwear trends when Spring Racing starts here in earnest with the Caulfield Cup in October, and the Melbourne Cup in November. 

What should we be wearing trackside, and what hats will light-up the racing fashion world? What are the celebrities wearing to the race track and what are the Spring Racing trends we need to be shopping up? Big, important questions... but secretly there's a part of all of us that really just wants to see how crazy the hats are! 

It's true to say that Brits really celebrate eccentricity and the hats at Ascot that make the fashion pages are usually the wackiest and colourful but not necessarily the most sartorially elegant, big is not always better! So we have tried to dig up those headwear pieces that show off the millinery skill and elegance involved, but also have the right amount of crazy as also we wholly endorse a bit of madness to proceedings - it keeps things interesting! It's also amazing to see just how much effort people go to dress-up at Ascot, as dressing-up is another of our favourite things!  

We dare you to get inspired and bring your own bit of millinery madness to Melbourne Cup this year :)

If you're heading off to the races you should check out our range of racing millinery here

xx TEH xx

Amazing 3D Printed Headwear by Gabriela Ligenza, which depicts a poem especially written for Ascot

These fun pieces, capture the "art" trend perfectly

Big is sometimes, well, BIG!

This looks to be one of those finely crafted Philip Treacy numbers

So many ladybirds, so much love from us!

Lady in Red from David Schilling 

Our favourite trackside fashionistas Angela Menz and Lisa Tan, representing Down Under at Royal Ascot

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