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#HATMOB 1 was a great success, good times were had and likeminded lovers connected. If you couldn't make it you can still check our galleries here and here.
But we are doing it again, this one is maybe a #MiniMob, but it's a fun one... and consider it even a public service announcement, as you need to know about this film!

The Advanced Style ladies are our Headonistic heroines, they always look fabulous, and more often than not they are wearing a hat! Iris Apfel is one of our favourites, she may not be the hattiest of them, but she's one of the most flamboyant, and she has a film out (Iris) which is being shown at Melbourne International Film Festival. You need to see it!
There are two showings which are selling fast:

Sat 1st August - 1.30pm Comedy Theatre
Mon 3rd August - 6pm Forum

So #HATMOB 2 is about getting your best Iris on, and dressing up to the cinema in your Iris inspired hat and outfit (although make sure you take your hat off for the film lest you anger the pop-corn throwers!). We'll be there for the Monday showing, and will assemble at a post-show venue for drinks and outfit admiration.
Join our Facebook event page to keep informed, but wherever, whenever you see it around the world just make sure you channel your inner Iris! 


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