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#HATMOB 1 in Pictures

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When The Eternal Headonist was formed, it was with a mission not just to promote the art of millinery and the talented designers we have in our country (and the World!), but to also promote the wearing of headwear. We believe to really support the headwear industry, there has to be more occasions for people to feel comfortable and accepted wearing hats, 'cos wearing hats feels great! 

Our experience on the journey so far has proved to us that women LOVE hats, and one of the reasons they love going to the races is because it allows them to wear hats without fear of feeling out of place. Because hats are just part of the accepted dress code. It's normal. 

Wearing a hat outside of this environment takes confidence and pride, some of us frankly don't give a toss what other people think if we've got a fabulous headpiece on. We know all too well that when you wear a hat, like no other accessory in fact, you will be showered in complements and admiring glances. EVERYTIME! Yes there might be some idiot who stares, but they will be far outweighed by the people who tell you how great your hat is! 

And you know what? That feeling of strangers telling you how great your hat is, well it's kinda intoxicating, so we just want to spread that feeling, and the love.... 

Which is where #HATMOB comes in, as we want to create events that provide an excuse to dress up in your favourite hat and have fun, without feeling out of place. They don't have  to be expensive high teas or luncheons, just regular nights out where people can bring headwear into a normal social context. 

#HATMOB 1 was a great success and a lot of fun, we loved that people came by themselves and left with new friends. We thank you all for joining us and can't wait for the next one! 

xx TEH xx

Here's some pictures from the night, but check out our Facebook album for all the fun :)

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