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Hat First or Dress First??? Our guide to matching your dress and hat for Spring Racing

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It's the age old conundrum that comes around each racing season, do you buy the dress first or the hat first? 

Well, we'd always say go hat, (but then maybe we're a little biased!), however to us it seems common sense and here's why... 

  1. It is far easier to find a dress to match a hat - there are literally thousands of dresses on sale, you can pick from any colour, shape, material, pattern, trend etc. in the many boutiques of our fair city, and online you can search to your hearts content to find dresses in all colours under the rainbow, BUT, there are far fewer hats, headpieces and fascinators available, and fewer variations in style
  2. Hats are a very personal thing, with shape and fit being unique to each person, and when you find a hat you fall in love with, one that makes you look hot hot hot, you need to get it! 
  3. Designer millinery is often one-off in nature, with unique designs made in limited quantities. Once those beauties are gone, they're gone, so again if you find one you love you need to get it early!    
  4. And really, isn't the outfit all about the hat????! It makes or breaks an outfit so you need to build around it (or so we think!)

Dresses from Gorman SS14 Range


We know how good it feels to find a dress that makes you look smokin' hot, one that hugs the curves in all the right places, makes your tummy look flat and your legs long, and is just soooo on trend. We get that, hell sometimes we even do it, so we're not going to try and change your mind if you want to get your dress before your hat, we're with you Team Dress, but if you do want to go dress first here's our recommendations: 

  1. Get your dress early - as we mentioned, finding a hat to match is a far more difficult task, so you need to give yourself time to check out all the dept stores, hat shops and milliners
  2. Go with block colours in tones that have many complementary colour options, as this expands the available range of headpieces that could match.   
  3. Avoid prints with unusual colour combinations, it will be very hard to find a headpiece for example in that exact shade of Swallow's egg pink! 
  4. If you do have that perfect dress with the unusual colours, book in to go and see a milliner who can tailor make you a headpiece in those colours to go with the dress. Make sure you get in early though!  
  5. Have an open mind about hat and headpiece shapes you're willing to consider, be prepared to experiment, you never know what might suit you until you try, and be prepared to have fun - there is no better accessory to take yourself out of your comfort zone and amp up the fun factor!    

And you can always get in touch with us if you have any questions 

Happy Hat Shopping!

xx TEH xx

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