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Fashion and Hats at the Grand National 2015


We're in the UK at the moment and have been avidly following the fashion at the Grand National with a keen interest to see what racing fascinator and millinery styles are in vogue, and the fun Scouse interpretation of racing fashion. We have particularly loved fashionado Gok Wan's running commentary of the trackside looks.

Having lived in the North West of England for a number of years we have a particular fondness for Liverpool, a city known for it's great sense of humour and flamboyant dress sense, where glitz, cleavage, tans and hair extensions are pre-requisites to a good time. But the Grand National fashion police has been trying to re-position ladies day fashion with a rumoured "Chanel-inspired" dress code (although that never seemed to materialise in the code on the website, unless their "No Sports Clothes or Fancy Dress" statement was it!) and a media ban on negative pictures of the day. Surely they were always facing an uphill battle with such a subjective statement and the jubilant Scouse sense of style, although we're sure all ladies would appreciate photographers taking a second thought before they pap that unflattering shot!

The Grand National Best Dressed competition is quite different to Fashions on the Field events in Australia, with the entry process being very unique. Wannabe entrants have to find giant gold gilded picture frames located around the course, get their picture taken in the frame by one of the official photographers, and fill in an entry form. The pictures are then uploaded onto the website and projected around the course during the morning, with the 10 finalists being announced later in the day. They undergo interviews and face to face judging, before the winner is announced, this year by the mighty Gok. This year's winner was Toni Salters from Aintree, wearing an elegant black and white polka dot dress, white vintage mushroom hat and uber cute watering can handbag. She took away a Mini Roadster, so not a prize to be sniffed at!

Overall the Grand National fashion didn't disappoint, with bright splashes of colour, plenty of fake tans, short skirts and an irrepressible sense of fun. They might have tried to airbrush ladies day, but you can't brush over the Scouse spirit!

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Finalists at the Grand National Ladies Day Style Awards 

Winner of the 2015 Grand National Ladies Day Style Award Best Dress Competition, Toni Salters

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