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Clemens Behr X The Eternal Headonist X Dazzle = HATS!

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We are really excited to announce our latest project as it is a collaboration between so many things we admire; art, hats and the amazing world of camouflage.  

When the producers of the new documentary "Dazzle - The Hidden Story of Camouflage" approached us to design hats for their launch, and to accompany a site-specific sculptural installation in Melbourne by the incredible German graphic artist Clemens Behr, it was an offer we couldn't really refuse. 

Clemens Behr is an artist we love, who's based in Berlin and creates mind-melting temporary sculptural art works and installations in galleries and public spaces across the World. Artworks which challenge conventional architectural forms, spaces and dimensions, and are very much influenced by Cubism and graffiti culture. The first giving the structural form to the works and the latter giving rise to the temporary, ephemeral nature of them. He has also created sculptural works inspired by the phenomenon that is known as "Dazzle"....     

Clemens Behr - Dazzle

Clemens Behr - Dazzle 

So let's backtrack a little and explain what this Dazzle business is all about. And let's backtrack all the way to World War 1, as this is where it gets incredible! Dazzle is a form of camouflage used on battle ships in WW1, but this is no ordinary military camouflage, there's no green and brown splodges, mud covered faces, fake leaves and netting - it is art, it is cubism, it is colourful, it is graphic and it is thoroughly modern. It really has to be seen to be believed. In fact you might not believe even if you saw it on the side of a battleship today, let alone nearly 100 years ago, so we'll let the creators of the Dazzle documentary explain it to you better than we ever could....

Dazzle: The Hidden Story of Camouflage from Jonnie & Kate Films on Vimeo.

For this project we've been given exclusive access to the Dazzle print by Clemens Behr, to create hats to accompany the film and installation. We wanted to create something that complements the print, yet is beautiful and wearable, and something that could be either male or female.  

We have 3 designs available in 3 different colour ways (grey tweed, cream and french navy (not shown)), and in whatever size you need (sizes not in stock can be pre-ordered)! They are made in Melbourne from premium wool, cotton and silk fabrics by a master craftsperson, so the quality is just beautiful and we are very proud of the final products. 

The hats will be available to purchase at the Melbourne launch at the Clemens Behr installation and Dazzle documentary at Backwoods Gallery in Collingwood on Sat 14th March, and thereafter in our webstore. 

Come and be Dazzled... 


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