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Angela Menz Millinery at The Eternal Headonist

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We hope this announcement will give you the happiest of Fridays, as we cannot look at the millinery of Angela Menz without bursting into spontaneous and intense pangs of internal happiness and outward smiles, it's just so damn fun! 

Angela, together with Lisa Tan, who we are also stocking, writes the excellent On Track on Trend racing fashion blog, and really knows how to do race side fashion with style, panache and a huge dose of colour and wit. There are few people who can put together an outfit like Angela - this is the lady who wore red birds on her shoulders to Royal Ascot and scored an interview with fashion legend Gok Wan in the process! Together with Lisa she proves that racing fashion doesn't have to be safe, boring and predicable. It's ok to take risks, in fact it pays to take risks - these ladies have developed their renowned style and prize winning track record by doing so!

The millinery we are stocking for SS14 from Angela follows this colourful personal style she's developed and makes it easy and wearable for everyone. It is also exceptionally adorable and cute. Just LOOK AT THOSE POM POM EARS (sorry all caps is unavoidable)! There's something about them that makes us melt a little inside, and the blue ostrich plume piece takes adorable to a new level. People will want to touch your head randomly when you wear it, it's just an involuntary reaction! 

So we hope we've made your Friday even more cheery than it might otherwise have been, with the colour and fun of Angela Menz, explore it and dream-up your own race outfit magic! 


Pom Pom and Quill Headpiece by Angela Menz 

Blue Ostrich Plume                            Multi-coloured Pom Pom Ears           Red Silk Pom Pom Ears                  Pink Heart Leather Hat              

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