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Welcome Headonists!

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A huge, huge hello and welcome to our brand spanking new site - The Eternal Headonist, it's here at last! 

We are super excited to have finally reached this point and be able to present you with a beautiful range of millinery, hats, headpieces, fascinators, hair accessories (and any other type of headwear not included in that list!) for you to peruse and buy. 

We've started with vintage for all you retro addicts out there, but will be bringing on curated ranges of branded headwear and designer millinery in the coming months which we can't wait to share with you. Not sure about you, but we've always struggled to find quality, affordable, fashionable headwear out there, we knew it existed but just didn't know where to find it. The demise of the traditional hat shop and the rise of cheaply manufactured mass-produced imports has meant that good hats are the preserve of race day months or chance encounters in on-trend boutiques. We're here to put that right! We're also here to find you those one-off designer vintage pieces from the milliners of the past, so keep checking back with us as we expand our range. If you're that impatient, social type (as are we) follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all the usual suspects for up to the minute news about our new product ranges. 

So what can you expect from us? How about; 

Hats - Fun - Hats - Fashion - Hats - Pictures - Hats - Histories -  Hats - News - Hats - Stories?   

But it won't just be about what happens on the internet, we'll be holding some special events too, you need places to wear your new hats right? Or maybe opportunities to get those extra-special one-off pieces before they go on sale? Or even opportunities to meet other Headonists and compare brim sizes? Hmmm we thought so. Best sign-up to our mailing list then to be the first to know what we have up our sleeves for you :)  

And before you ask, it may appear that we have left you men out of the picture here, but that isn't the case you're always in our hearts and minds and soon we'll have specially selected pieces for you to enjoy as well. No fear we love you too!  

So there you have it, here we are, here you are, lets come together and all be Headonists, Eternally! 

xx The Eternal Headonist xx   

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