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Berets are a flat round style of hat without a peak, famously associated with all things French, but the humble beret has a far greater fashion pedigree being the hat of choice of poets, beatniks and jazz musicians the world over, and not forgetting its popularity with the armed forces. The Scots even have their own version of the beret; the Tam O'Shanter so named by a Robert Burns poem. It is a hat style that can be worn many ways and that comes in many variants, with smaller, structured millinery-style button berets being popularised of late by the Duchess of Cambridge. Berets can be made of any fabric, and can be sculpted shapes or soft and flexible. Wear yours slouched at an asymmetric angle a la Francaise, on the back of the head like a halo or pulled down over your ears... maybe! Shop our range of berets below.