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elsa-schiaparelli.jpgElsa Schiaparelli was known as one of fashions visionairies, with a penchant for the humourous and surreal in her designs, which is not suprising given her friendship and frequent collaborations with the master surrealist Salvador Dali. She is famous for her Shoe Hat, which was developed from a Dali sketch. She was most successful during the period between the World Wars where her biggest rival was Coco Chanel but closed her couture studio in 1954, unable to adjust to the austerity of the period and the "New Look" that Christian Dior had brought into fashion.   

However her legacy lives on and in 2013 the brand was reignited with Christian Lacroix designing a haute couture collection under the Schiaparelli brand and Stephen Jones keeping the surreal vision with some fantastic millinery.