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Hattie Carnegie
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hattie-carnegie-1955.jpgHattie Carnegie was a designer that dressed Hollywood dreams, regularly dressing the stars of the day, and was supremely influential in American fashion during the period of the first and second world wars. Hattie was an entrepreneur and a fashion pioneer being the first high-end fashion house to introduce the "ready to wear" concept in addition to made-to-measure couture, and initiated the "head to hem" boutique concept, both of which set the blueprint for how all major fashion houses present their collections today. She also trained a number of eminent American fashion designers of the time. But before all of this she was a milliner!!   

She was born Henrietta Kanengeiser in Vienna, 1889 and her parents emigrated to New York in 1900. In 1909, aged just 19 she opened her millinery salon in East Tenth St, New York called Carnegie - Ladies Hatter and nine years later opened her first dress making salon. Ever enterprising, after that she opened another store and exclusively imported couture ranges from the Parisian fashion houses including Dior, Schiaparelli, Lanvin, Chanel and Vionnet, and was known for her incredible buying eye, and also interpreting European fashion for the American market. By 1940 she had 1000 people working for her, and it was really during the 1940s when the Parisian couture houses were not exporting, that she capitalised on the opportunity and pieces from her custom salon were always centre stage in the fashion magazines. She died in 1956 and without her at the helm the company lost it's way and closed in 1970.  

Hattie was known for only using the best materials, so we know you'll never regret a Hattie Carnegie purchase!