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Royal Ascot

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Royal Ascot is one of racing's most exclusive and fashionable events so wearing a beautiful piece of millinery, hat or a fascinator is a must.

Ascot has a few different dress codes depending on which enclosure you have tickets to, but wherever you are watching the race from a headpiece is a must!

Here's our handy guide to Ascot headwear dress codes: 

Windsor Enclosure (General Admission) - There is no formal dress code for this part of the racetrack which means you can really get creative with your headwear. Go as large or small as you like! Maybe an elegant smaller headpiece or headband fascinator, or a really avante garde piece of millinery. Your imagination is your only limit in this area of the racecourse!

Queen Anne & Village Enclosures - The dress code is a little more formal in these enclosures, a hat or fascinator must be worn at all times and the good news is that there's no restriction on what that headpiece needs to be, so again you can be creative with your headwear look. 

Royal Enclosure - For those lucky enough to have a ticket to the Royal Enclosure, there are a few dress rules you need to be mindful of as this is a classy affair. The one thing you have to remember for your millinery is that the base of your headpiece needs to be at least 4inches/10cm in diameter, which really isn't that big so still allows room for creativity, but is something to be mindful of. 

For all the details on the Royal Ascot Dress Code check their Style Guide