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Caring For Your Headwear

Caring for Your Headwear

Hats, millinery and headwear are delicate things that can be easily damaged, and like us hate abuse and LOVE a bit of pampering, so we therefore recommend when not on your head you look after your headwear as follows;  

  • Store out of sunlight in a sealed box/container - Sunlight is a surefire way to fade your precious hat and keeping it in a sealed box will keep it free from moths (the arch-nemesis of hats!), and moisture. There are so many pretty hat boxes in the market, storage can be fun! 
  • Pack areas needing shape such as the crown and maybe an upturned brim, with plain acid-free tissue paper. Don't use coloured tissue paper as the colour could transfer onto light coloured hats.
  • Don't hang your hat on hooks for prolonged periods of time, not only will gravity cause the hat to become misshapen after a while, being in the open air can attract moths who like nothing more than a tasty hat to nibble on. 
  • Avoid getting wet or wearing in the rain as hat making materials by their very nature are delicate and not always water resistant. If unfortunately you do, immediately remove excess water with a dry cloth & dry naturally. Drying with hair dryers or artificial heat can lead to the hat shrinking or becoming distorted. Hats tend to dry into the shape they are left in, so if you can find something hat-shaped to leave it on, or pack the crown with a pale coloured cloth, this will help retain its shape whilst drying. Some hats are maleable when wet, so you can also try and mould it back into shape as it drys.  
  • Try not to get your hat dirty, they can be hard to clean! If you do though (we know accidents can happen) lightly brush-off any dirt with a soft clothes brush. If that doesn't remove the dirt, try very gently patting it with a damp cloth. We don't recommend using any detergents, cleaning products or any vigourous rubbing as these can make the problem worse.
  • Remove lint and dust from felt hats by using those super-handy, sticky lint rollers
  • Always handle with clean hands to avoid transferring natural oils and dirt from your skin onto your headwear 
  • Pick up brimmed-hats from the back of the brim rather than the crown. Too much handling of the crown can lead to it getting damaged. 
  • Avoid leaving in hot cars, windows or at extreme temperatures, many hats are made from delicate materials that can easily warp and mis-shape in excess heat 
  • Do not wash, dry clean or tumble dry unless the hat label specifically allows it
  • Avoid contact with make-up and sun-screen as these can stain the headband
  • If the inner headband gets damp with water or sweat, remove the salts from the sweat with a damp cloth and turn the headband out to dry.
  • Treat feathers with extra, super-special care as they are very easily damaged
  • Don't sit on it
  • Don't let anyone else sit on it
  • Wear with a smile :o) 

Remember - "A is for Angles and A is for Attitude"  Wear your hat at an angle with pride and a smile, and just wait for the compliments to roll in!