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Thom Browne Face Hats - Menswear AW16

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Thom Browne always nails the hats at his shows, with his awe inspiring collaborations with Stephen Jones in previous seasons ensuring that the headwear has always added a surreal and innovative angle to his collections. 

AW16 is no exception and whilst it's not entirely clear yet whether Stephen Jones did the hats for Thom Browne's AW16 menswear collection, the creative hallmarks are all there to suggest he did. The hats themselves are a little more low-key than previous seasons with the classic bowler style being the main player, but the way they are worn certainly is not... 

We're not convinced that hats tipped over the face is a trend that will translate to the High St and if it does with foresee a few pavement clashes, but it definitely added to the intrigue of the show with the models looking like mysterious superheroes. And those bowler hats were mighty fine, we'd wear one on the top of our heads any day!

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