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The Many Hats of David Bowie - A Tribute to the Ultimate Headonist

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It's hard to pinpoint the time David Bowie entered my life, he was just always there. An omnipresent, mythical, and fantastical being, infiltrating childhood as the beautiful, yet spooky and mulleted Goblin King, entrancing with his crystal ball, cackling laugh ....and THAT bulge. Eliciting teenage fascination through his dashing good looks, fashion prowess and intensely cool back catalogue, which helped this indie kid emerge intact from 90's grunge. If that was the only thing to thank him for, it would have been all worthwhile, but he created so many soundtracks and inspirational moments to change my life ever since, it was a mere scratch in the surface of Bowie possibilities.   

Never has such an icon appealed to so many and never has the loss of icon caused such united grief across all walks of life. Understanding why seems inherently easy (he's Bowie right?), but at the same time so impossible to put a finger on... 

He was the Rebel Rebel who always broke rules and continually changed the game provocatively, yet without offending, but was so ahead of his time that even any initial detractors eventually caught-up, albeit 20 years or so later!  

His music and art was hugely innovative, and different, yet massively accessible to all. Catchy enough for commercial radio play, yet progressive (and cool) enough for music nerds and art aficionados alike to embrace its creative ingenuity. And timeless. Everyone has a moment in their life when Bowie changed them. 

Chameleon-like he constantly reinvented, each time reaching new audiences without alienating the old. Embracing new sounds, technologies and fashions, constantly engaging the next generation, always the icon, creating until the very end. 

He was an intellect, but not a preacher, choosing to spread wise words and vivid imagination through his lyrics and actions, not telling us what is right, but planting seeds so we could discover it for ourselves. 

As The Man Who Fell to Earth, Ziggy Stardust, StarMan, Major Tom, he was an other-worldly enigma, changing faces and morphing between cosmic characters, so no one knew who he really was, but knew he was unreal. He was distant enough to make us doubt if he really existed, but close enough to give us hope he was real. A god of sorts and how can a god possibly die? It's like telling a person of faith that their God is dead, no more, no longer available. Gone forever. How can the immortal pass on? They just can't. Bowie can't die!  

He was also undeniably, irrefutably cool. The kind of cool you can't hate on, because he's so damn cool. The type of person that inspires lust in everyone and envy in no one. That's why they're cool. They're not trying, they just are.   

But he was not merely a space traveller, musician, rebel and epitomy of cool, he wore many so many hats as performer, songwriter, actor, model, artist, muse, pioneer, Chief Luminary of Planet Earth and beyond. He had something for everyone. He touched the lives of all, and that's why his departure from this lifetime is so hard to take. But we know we'll see you on the other side, making the party in heaven a more interesting place for all of us. 

'Til then. Vale David Bowie


 "If you're ever sad, just remember the world is 4.543 billion years old and somehow you managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie" @jesuisdean

David Bowie also wore literal hats like no other, another reason to love him all the more. Here's some of our favourite moments 

A hat wearer until the very end. This picture from his very last photo shoot for the album BlackStar

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