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In the Studio with Love Lotus Millinery...

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Nothing delights us more than seeing a new collection from Love Lotus Millinery land in our store, it is always a treasure trove of intricate metallics and statement florals, all immaculately hand-tooled and crafted by the expert hands of Lynnette Lim. Every piece is a work of wearable art that would look equally at home on your head or displayed in the finest of galleries, so buying a headpiece from Love Lotus is a really sound investment you can wear over and over again.

Lynnette's millinery has been steadily collecting accolades over the years, her work is regularly on the podium during the Myer Fashions on the Field finals at Flemington each year, and she took out the top accolade in the much coveted Oaks Day millinery award (for the uninitiated of you, it's like the Oscars of hat making!) in 2012.

We know you are going to love the collection she has put together for us this season, her trade mark metallics are out in force with stunning floating feathers, glittering poppies and shining waterlilies all perched atop expertly handwoven raffia creations. Take a trip behind the scenes with this talented milliner in our interview below...

Millinery Lynnette Lim of Love Lotus Millinery

TEH - We are really excited about the big reveal for your collection this year, last year was such a hit and we've been enticed by all your teasers for the season, so tell us a little about what we can expect...  

LL - My 2015 collection is about simple elegance.

My inspiration is centred around uncommon, eye-catching materials. These materials have inspired me to try new, exciting and experimental techniques to best bring out their natural beauty.

I have used beautiful and rare vintage raffia for the boater and headband bases. This is a material which gives a most incredible sheen. My technique of raffia wrapping is an extremely time consuming method - you'll not be seeing hats like this on every second head!

The trims I have used to pair with this are simplistic yet sculptural and are made from futuristic foil, colourful silk abaca, classic silk satin and shiny metallic braid.

TEH - Your use of materials and technique are so distinctively Love Lotus, how would you describe your signature style?

LL - My style would be described as modern vintage – vintage materials used in an utterly modern way or futuristic-modern materials used with traditional techniques or with a nod to vintage.

TEH - Has there been anyone or thing who has significantly influenced this?

LL - I love milliners Stephen Jones and Bes-Ben. Millinery with a sense of humour! I also love fashion designer Balenciaga’s sculptural simplicity and Erdem’s florals.

Love Lotus Spring 2015 Collection Black Boater Hat with Metallic Trim Spring RacingLove Lotus Gold Crowns Spring 2015 Collection

TEH - Great selection - Bes-Ben blew my mind when I found out about him, so much humour and surrealism! Did any of these millinery greats influence your decision on becoming a milliner?  

LL - Not really, although they have later inspired it, but I have always had a great interest in vintage fashion and was constantly trawling though op-shops constantly as a teenager. This is when people were donating all their 1960’s clothes, thinking they were old fashioned. I found some amazing vintage hats, which then became a big part of my teenage wardrobe. After dabbling in making my own fabric hats, I completed some millinery short courses and was hooked.

I love the process of hat making as much as the finished product. Each stitch is therapeutic and made with love. I also love the creativity of the whole process - designing something that looks amazing and, in the end, a happy client!

TEH - You've achieved so much since those teenage years, what’s been the proudest moment or greatest achievement of your career so far?

LL - It would definitely being winning the 2012 Oaks Day Millinery Award at Flemington. With world-renowned milliner Philip Treacy judging on the day, who could ask for more?

TEH - To be honest, I'm not sure there could be any finer honour than that! What do you look forward to about Spring racing season? 

LL - Spring Racing season is a very exciting time in Melbourne! We are just coming out of winter, it’s getting warmer and there are beautiful buds on the trees.

People are getting excited about going out again and the Spring races are just the place you want to go, have fun and dress up. I love the colour and the fun people want to have with their wardrobes. They are willing to try something a bit different to stand out from the crowd…in a good way. Wearing millinery is the perfect way to do this.

Pink Magenta Floral Headpiece Spring Racing 2015 Love Lotus Millinery Metallic Poppy Headpiece Spring 2015 Love Lotus Millinery

TEH - What are your headwear trend predictions this Spring racing?

LL - I think fashionistas are moving away from the percher-style hats we have seen in abundance in Fashions on the Field the last few years and wanting to find something a bit different. Real hats with brims, like boaters, will be big and floral crowns are really in fashion at the moment.

TEH - Do you have any advice for creating the perfect race wear look with millinery?

LL - If you want to focus on your amazing millinery, keep your outfit simple to avoid looking overdone. Alternatively, if you have a gorgeous print on your dress, pick one or two colours to pull into your hat. Avoid being overly matchy-matchy! Black, neutrals and metallics go with nearly everything!

TEH - So in an ideal fantasy world of racewear perfection, what would be your perfect millinery ménage a trois? I.e. If you made the hat, who would have designed the outfit, and who would be wearing it?

LL - Dolce & Gabbana and Audrey Hepburn…and me!

TEH - So so classic, do you have classic tune that helps bust out the creativity when making your hats?

LL - I’ve been re-living to my youth and have been listening to a bit of Talking Heads lately! Psycho Killer, qu’est-ce que c’est!

TEH - Fa fa fa fa fa fa far better! Now I didn't have you down as new wave rocker Lynn, but that's a stone cold classic!  

It's been a real pleasure chatting to you today, and it's always a pleasure seeing your beautiful millinery in our store. We can't wait to see the excited customer reactions!

You can shop the Love Lotus Spring 2015 Collection in our online store here

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